PAAB Training 1.0

An essential course delivered by PAAB reviewers on code fundamentals

The 6 session training has been designed to get you up to speed on the foundational elements of applying the PAAB code.

Jennifer Carroll, Senior Reviewer of Communications, PAAB

Course format

  1. 12 week course to complete at your own pace
  2. 8 PAAB reviewers delivering 6 online modules
  3. Bite-size videos containing detailed examples of fictitious drug ads, illustrating concepts in practice
  4. Quizzes to help with learning retention and achieve certification of completion

*To achieve the course certificate you will need to pass all quizzes at the end of each of the 6 Sessions

The Lesson Plan

To see the expanded Lesson Plan CLICK HERE

Module 1 Welcome to the Canadian Market, Health Canada and the PAAB
Module 2 Balance is Key
Module 3 How do I substantiate this claim? Creating evidence based advertising
Module 4 Marketing to Consumers and Patients
Module 5 Multichannel Marketing to Healthcare Professionals
Module 6
Social media

To see the expanded Lesson Plan CLICK HERE

Certificate & LinkedIn Badge

Showcase your understanding of the PAAB code

Demonstrate that your PAAB knowledge is up to date

Certification achieved by students who pass ALL final quizzes in the course

*Badges provided by a third party provider, Credly, and sync directly to your LinkedIn once your account has been created.

Detailed explanations and numerous fictitious drug examples to enhance your learning experience

  1. Content created and presented by numerous reviewers from the PAAB team

  2. Topics include developing patient information, evaluating references, fair balance and supporting claims

  3. Cement your learning with visual aids and quizzes to help with learning retention 


Questions? Please email Jennifer Hamilton on [email protected]