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I hope you enjoy the training

Patrick Massad, Commissioner, PAAB

Training Courses

Code & Guidance Update

NEW! Online course and 60 minute webinar (May 23, 10-11 EST) covering detailed examples of the new guidance on RWE, disease burden, and duration.

World Evidence, Study Duration, and Burdens of Disease

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PAAB 1.0

Online course covering code fundamentals. An essential course if you’re new to pharma marketing or communications.

Fair balance, Substantiating claims, Patient and consumer  materials, multi-channel marketing to HCPs and Social Media.

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PAAB 2.0

Online course building on your established skills and experience with nuanced case studies and PAAB feedback for deeper insights.

Emails, Banner ads, Digital conferences, HCP sites, Branded websites and All things patient

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National Conference

The conference is designed for anyone working on healthcare advertising, marketing or communication materials that circulate in the Canadian market.

Dates: Nov 2024, final dates TBA

Event opens soon

Learning that works

Getting up to speed on the PAAB code has never been easier.  

of attendees say they learned something new* 


will implement course learnings straight away* 

*average reported experience across 1.0 and 2.0 courses, from Feb 2022 to Nov 2023

1.0 attendee

1.0 attendee

I don't directly deal with PAAB but the agencies I deal with do. By taking this course, it helped me to understand the reasoning behind certain decisions they take. This course has also given me a greater appreciation for what the agencies do for us because it is not easy!!

1.0 attendee

1.0 attendee

This course was extremely valuable as there can be a lot of things to remember when it comes to PAAB guidelines beyond just submission guidelines that involve reviewing many external resources - i.e. Health Canada guidelines/schedule listings, etc - this PAAB course really distills the most important information into an all-in-one to make it all make sense!

2.0 attendee

2.0 attendee

I wanted to learn more about the PAAB code and how to apply it, so I found this course very helpful as there were many cases and examples that we went through. The course was very informative and has allowed me to view materials with a different lens.

1.0 attendee

1.0 attendee

I found this to be a very informative and useful course to understand the basics of the PAAB code and regulations with respect to drug advertising. I feel that I will be able to better work with the PAAB code in my role.

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