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Your one stop shop for all PAAB training

Welcome to PAAB Training

This site is your gateway to all of our training. You can complete our e-learning courses, register for updates on future courses or request bespoke in-house sessions, all from this website.

We're always looking to improve and welcome your ideas on future courses, feel free to email us on info@paabtraining.ca with ideas on topics to address in the future.

I hope you enjoy the training

Patrick Massad, Commissioner, PAAB

Training Courses

PAAB 1.0

6 self directed e-learning modules on code fundamentals. An essential course if you're new to pharma marketing or communications.

Price: $495 + tax

Course access: 12 weeks

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PAAB 2.0

6 self directed e-learning modules covering emails, banner ads, digital conferences, HCP sites, branded websites and all things patient.

Price: $495 + tax

Course access: 12 weeks

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PAAB 3.0  
Montreal | Toronto 

Save the date: October 24, Montreal. October 26, Toronto

Sales Open June 1. email info@paabtraining.ca for further info.

In-House Training

Bespoke 120 minute in-house training  on topics of interest/relevance to your company or brand. These sessions are designed to allow for open discussions and high level team learning.

For more information email: info@paabtraining.ca

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